November 12th-14th, Fri to Sun
Who Can Go:
Campers Age 18 & Older
Event Fee:
$230.00 - $495.00
See what is included below.

Understanding Reiki as a Presbyterian by Anne Bentzen
Reiki is an intuitive Japanese complementary drug-free therapy which supports your traditional medical care by restoring balance to body, mind and spirit. Learn to feel energy with your hands. We all channel energy to some degree. With Reiki we become more open to that energy.   Enhance your health in 2021 with the peace and gratitude of Reiki.
Founder, Mikao Usui said, “Every person who learns Shoden has the ability to heal dis-ease in the body.”  You will learn the original method with no add-ons. There will be ample time for practice using your “Reiki” hands.  Bring your friends or a family member and learn Reiki together so you have an instant practice partner after the course.  More Information on Jikiden Reiki, this course, and certified instructor, Anne Bentzen visit her website: www.balancing4life.com.

This will be a small class so space is limited, sign up early!

New Students: $495 
Returning Students: $420
Price includes:

-Materials and course tuition for Level One Jikiden Reiki Shoden Certification
-Single room with private bathroom
-Six meals (Friday Dinner through Sunday Lunch)

Commuting New Students: $280 
Commuting Review Students: $230
Price includes:

-Materials and course tuition for Level One Jikiden Reiki Shoden Certification
-Six meals (Friday Dinner through Sunday Lunch)


Attendees should be 18 or older. For more information contact: Holmes@HolmesCamp.org

Past Student Testimonials: 

“This course along with Anne’s patient and generous teaching gives me confidence and knowledge to begin applying Reiki immediately.”  – K. L. Cook

“I would highly recommend this training for personal and possibly working in the teaching realm of alternative or complementary medicines. Anne Bentzen is an inspiration.”  – Y. Ramirez

“You are a very knowledgeable and patient instructor. You treat all of your students with kindness and are always willing to answer questions. You created a wonderful learning environment.”  – R.Cullen