July 5th-11th, Sun to Sat
Campers Entering Grades 4-8

Ahoy there! Come join us at Pirate camp where we travel across the land of Holmes, seeking buried treasure and boat on the lake!
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July 12th-18th, Sun to Sat
Campers Entering Grades 4-8

This is the time to come in and explore nature from the safety of our platform tents. Eat some meals over the fire and learn the first steps of going into the wilderness!
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July 19th-24th, Sun to Fri
Campers Entering Grades 4-8

It’s time to give back to the earth! Come to camp and learn about recycling, farm to table and so much more! More Info…

July 26th to August 1st, Sun to Sat
Campers Entering Grades 4-12 & New Graduates

Want to explore the arts at camp? Bring your pencils, bring your instrument, bring your props! Let’s get together and work on art projects! Show off your voice! More Info…

August 2nd-8th, Sun to Sat
Campers Entering Grades 5-7

Come ride over to Holmes to Bike Camp! We’ll be learning the best practices for riding and fixing our bikes to take us riding into the future! More Info…