March 8th-10th, Fri to Sun - Weekend
Campers Age 19 & Older
Taking Responsibility for the life you create A New Perspective of Your Divine Nature

Discover why love is the most powerful force in the Universe. ┬áLearn about your home vibrational frequency and the importance of energy mastery for personal well-being. More Info…

April 26th-28th, Fri to Sun - Weekend
Campers Age 18 & Older

Whether you are seasoned in the spiritual disciplines or a beginner, the practice of inhabiting the body with breath and movement and the discipline of quieting the mind are essential. Join Meditation and Yoga teacher Leslie Mott for a weekend of exploration, practice and discovery. No experience is necessary; we will have fun, and experienced meditators and yogis will also find enough to challenge and grow! More Info…

November 1st-3rd, Fri to Sun - Weekend
Campers Age 18 & Older

What does it mean to be called and to follow that urging? What are the obstacles that keep us from living into our full vocation? What do we need to remember, to change, to let go? Join Rev. Leslie Mott for a weekend of finding and reclaiming the inner voice of wisdom and joy! There will be opportunities for group teaching and discussion, as well as time for reflection and rest, including a gentle yoga practice and guided meditation. More Info…

November 15th-17th, Fri to Sun - Weekend
All Ages!
Direct Healing for Yourself and Others

Students receive a certificate from the International Association of Reiki Practitioners. Reiki is an intuitive Japanese healing art of hands-on healing. Powerful in its strength and its simplicity, Reiki relaxes, relieves stress, naturally detoxifies and provides healing simultaneously on every level – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Bring your friends or a family member and learn Reiki together so you have instant practice partners later! More Info…