The Holmes Presbyterian Camp & Conference Center has both winterized facilities and facilities which can be used during the spring, summer and fall. No matter what time of the year you come to the Holmes Camp, you will enjoy the season.


The spring is alive with new growth, flowers and flowering trees and bushes. This is a wonderful time to boat on the lake. The Appalachian Trail is about 5 miles from the Center.


The summer is the time to enjoy a stroll in the the lush woods of the Putnam Highlands. A swim in the lake feels so good after a day of playing ball, hiking, cooking out, boating and fishing.


Fall is breathtaking with the colors of the many varieties of trees, which makes every view around the Center grounds a “perfect picture.”


Winter provides its own wonderland of snow and ice. Views of the Putnam Highlands which may be obscured by the foliage from the other seasons are now visible. Sliding down the snow covered hills, ice skating, ice fishing, and eating by one of the many fireplaces makes winter a popular time at the Center. Also the Center is 10 minutes from a ski slope, and 2 hours from Western Massachusetts or Catskill ski areas.

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