Current Projects

Our staff and volunteers have continued to upgrade the Center. The following are just a few of the projects that are happening:

South Unit Cabins are in the design phase for replacement.  Two cabins funded for $450,000.

Don’s Diner has been adopted for upgrade by the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church.  $75,000 gift has allowed us to begin the design work for renovation in the spring of 2016.

Past Accomplishments

Shudder Pavilion – see this page for details of this 2015 Volunteer Project

In early June of 2008, we were lucky enough to have a group of 100 strong for two days. The kids were from a high school in Bronxville and they came with plenty of talent. Gardens were weeded, trails were blazed, cabins were painted, summer cabins were cleaned and readied for our campers and a beautiful woodland themed Mural was painted on a wall in Don’s Diner. If you look at the camp video you can catch a peek at it in the dining room.

A limnologist treats both Denton and Westminster Lakes each year, and the water quality in the lakes is greatly improved. Our long-term plan is to re-establish swimming at Denton Lake, but the process takes several seasons and appropriate funding. At the present, summer boating and fishing with campers takes place on Denton Lake. This year we will start to treat Brown’s Pond along with the other two lakes, and our hope is that we can expand programming to include Brown’s Pond and it’s beautiful natural surroundings.

Due to an unfortunate water line break during the winter of 2004, Steidl was in need of major repair. While our on site staff was repairing the lines they noticed that there were many areas in need of repair. Our Maintenance staff tackled the job and did an amazing make-over. Windows and some walls were replaced, floors re-carpeted and vinyl floors replaced, kitchen area upgraded, additional lighting and a new paint job has made Steidl a brand new cabin. What a difference a busted pipe makes!

Charlotte’s Room groundbreaking took place on Friends’ Day 1998, and the dedication was Friends’ Day 1999. This room is a memorial to Charlotte Hostetter whose many years at the Center left a profound mark on the Center and its programs. The new plaque in the hallway is a reminder of the many contributions she has made to so many people. A cross has be placed just outside the room with appropriate lighting for full effect. This beautiful room addition to Agape is now in full use as both a meeting room and a chapel. It is very much appreciated by the groups who have rented Agape. Agape Dining Room floor has been sanded and refinished. This was done just in time for the November 15, 2003 Annual Board Dinner which was held at the Center.  The Charlotte’s Room Carpets (along with hall carpets) were replaced in 2012.   A new Dishwasher was installed in the kitchen in 2006.

A new roof and gutters have been put on the Lodge thanks to a large donation that was also matched by many friends of the Center. Bathrooms were also remodeled and two new bathrooms were added, one handicapped accessible. The deck has been rebuilt thanks to a dedicated group of people who donated their time and labor.

The South Unit foundation has been repaired and new gutters have been installed to prevent erosion. Don’s Diner has had new windows installed which will allow better ventilation and ceiling fans have been added. A generous donation of a Walk-in Refrigerator was a wonderful addition to Don’s Diner kitchen.  2010 saw a complete renovation of the Don’s Diner kitchen.  New resilient flooring was installed, a new (used) dishwasher was installed and new untensils added to serve weekend and summer camp meal service.  Don’s Diner is now the home of Farm Breakfasts served by The Farm at Holmes.

The sewer lines leading to the septic field near the staff cabins have been repaired or replaced. Some of the problem trees were taken out and a rock wall built to hold the bank in place.

At the Scudder camping area, thanks to the generosity of another one of our churches, repairs have been made to the Denton Recreation Building, with the interior room, windows and floor repaired and the exterior of the building primed and repainted.  In 2010 Scudder Cabin was razed by some energetic young men in preparation for Alumni Work Day.  The Alumni Workers completed a 30×30′ deck which is a great place for square dancing, bible study and occasional FOB (rest hour).

Four Cedarkirk tent sites consisting of two tents at each site have been built. These screened “cabin tents” with wooden platforms are in the Scudder and Robinson areas and are perfect for the summer. They were built by a workgroups and friends of the Center, and even have electricity.

The office and shop roof was replaced after Hurricane Floyd hit the Center in 1999. Our Maintenance staff and the Site Committee, studied the solutions and proposed to put a new pitched roof over the existing flat roof. This is easier to fix and maintain, as well as provide additional sheltered area for working and vehicles when not is use.  Steve Silvernail and the local Boy Scouts found a US Army 2 1/2 ton truck which serves support heavy projects around Holmes.

Thanks to the generosity of three churches, a five element Low Ropes course has being installed. This is a wonderful addition to summer camp programming for the younger children in preparation of the High Ropes course.

Many improvements have been made at Denton Dining Hall: the outside has been completely painted, new windows installed, new outside doors on both entrances installed, a new ramp and porch built, the old pews and booths have been removed and replaced with new round tables and chairs, the walls have been re-paneled, new lightning installed, the wall between the dining area and the kitchen has been completely rebuilt, and a new handicapped accessible bathroom installed. Many volunteers as well as the Center staff worked hard to make this happen.

At Nunemaker four upstairs bathrooms have been completely re-floored and re-covered thanks to the generosity of funds from a church. The downstairs doors have been replaced, and one whole wall from floor to ceiling has been replaced and new glass installed.  In 2010 we were able to completely renovate the kitchen.  The floor system was completely replaced, a new reach in refrigerator was installed and a dish washer was added (which gets rid of paper plates, plastic utensils and lots of waste in the garbage).

As always, there are also plenty of other projects, major and minor, on the long range wish list. Come up and see how we’re progressing, or join us for a work day!

Thanks to all of you for your prayers and help. As you can see, there are many improvements that are made because so many of you have participated. Friends’ Day is an excellent example of many people who hold the Center to be part of their lives, and this is one of the great strengths that we have in working together. The future is bright, our potential is unlimited, and with God’s help we are ready to face the new millennium in outdoor Christian education.