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For example – In one family three generations of women have been campers.  In another Mom and Dad met at Holmes.  In a third, this family camp experience led to following a call to ministry.  Or a fourth where a young camper’s awe of older campers and staff brought her back to Holmes to serve and worship in the local community.

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The Holmes Staff and Volunteers

Jean A. Eckhardt remembers:
I loved Holmes N.Y…when I was younger I was a camper there for many summers and then became a counselor, and also worked in Agape as kitchen staff. I couldn’t wait to leave my parents and come to the camp grounds and stay all summer long. Goodness I can’t even remember how long ago I was there, but I still have fond memories of Westminster and Denton. I’d love to come back and visit the camp grounds and see what changes have been made. I remember scudder cabin deteriorating while I was there as a camper I’m happy that’s it’s gotten a much needed facelift. I still remember all the trails from Westminster to Denton. However, I’m all grown up now working at Walmart and living in Wilkes Barre, PA…but will NEVER forget the experiences I had and made at Holmes!

Cynthia Paul remembers:
I was a counselor in training when I was in High School. It had to have been 35 years ago? I did it with my best friend Maryann Pothews. We were members of the First Presbyterian Church of Oceanside, NY.

Vincent Hughes remembers:
I didnt work at holmes campground. But, I was a counselor for five years with camp HI-Y-BI which was combined many Presbyterian churches from NYC area and also NJ, CT, and included,(at that time) Queens Tabernacle. Had many great times there. As a young christian , it was an experience of growth, leadership and discipling. For a short time after, I moved up to Middletown NY, to work with youth at Circleville Presbyterian and build log homes for income. Truly a memorable experience. I always wonder what happended to many of the other counselors, and church pastors, kids, we all aged.

Use our contact form to share your Holmes Family experience stories.