Sat January 25th
Who Can Go:
Campers Age 16 & Older
Event Fee:
Suggested Donation

Come learn and experience about the power of energy healing to augment your health routine and traditional medical treatments you may already be receiving. The flow of life force energy is the essential “fuel” that invisibly powers our human body and all its organs as well as provides healing for our emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.  Come experience the subtle but powerful effects of energy healing to restore and improve the flow of your energy. Release negativity from daily stressors, relieve physical and emotional pain, inflammation, improve sleep, your immune system responses and discover a lighter, freer you. Learn basics of energy healing and experience a trial session of Reiki.  Reiki is available for everyone to learn.


Massage tables will be available on a first come first serve basis for sample sessions. Reiki is used in major metro NY hospitals, energy healing is accepted as a complementary therapy for health and well-being.  Donations of $25 are appreciated to support the ability to offer these healing experience at Holmes.


Host: Anne Bentzen, Jikiden Reiki teacher and Usui Reiki Master, occupational  therapist leads an introduction, Q & A and supervises  sample sessions for the public. Additional Reiki practitioners will be assisting in offering sample experiences for the public. Opportunities to learn Reiki will be available at Holmes later this year.  Please contact Anne directly with any questions at 914-588-4079.


Note: No registration is necessary!